Brenan Apartments
Jeffrey Brenan
Jeff started in apartment management in 2004 as a manager for apartments owned by his Mom. Jeff specializes in residential apartments in Franklin and Oil City, PA.

For Jeff, his success does not center around renting apartments, but rather finding good tenants and providing them good housing.

I am professional!
  1. Jeff is a very respectable landlord. I enjoy renting from him!
  2. My family and I have lived here for close to 30 years. Jeff is our third landlord and he has made repairs and upgrades as needed. Emergencies are always handled in a very timely manner. Jeff's handyman is very professional and does quality work. To me this says that Jeff wants to provide his tenants with decent housing. We hear a lot about landlords who only want the rent (slumlords). Jeff is not one. He does care, It may take some time to get things mended but he always follows through.
    "...very timely... decent housing... does care....follows through"