Brenan Apartments
Jeffrey Brenan
Jeff started in apartment management in 2004 as a manager for apartments owned by his Mom. Jeff specializes in residential apartments in Franklin and Oil City, PA.

For Jeff, his success does not center around renting apartments, but rather finding good tenants and providing them good housing.

I am professional!
We build our future together.
Good, long-term tenants deserve landlords who provide safe, efficient and affordable housing. And good landlords want to retain good tenants as long as possible. As tenants go through life, their needs change. They may need a larger or smaller space. Perhaps they want to buy a home. or perhaps their children grow up and need a place of their own. It's my desire to develop such long-term relationships with good people as we build our futures, together. I currently have one apartment available!
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This Website
The Focus
The main focus of this website is providing tenants with information that is both timely and helpful. So often I have wished I had a place like this where I can provide tenants with the information they need to make their quality of living much nicer and/or less expensive. Enjoy.

If you are hoping to become a tenant of mine, please feel free to fill out an application form
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Jeff owns single family and multiple family residences in both Franklin and Oil City in Venango County in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Venango County was home to an oil boom in the years following discovery of natural oil (petroleum) in the mid-1850s.

Many steel and metal-based business since found their homes here.